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Critical Thinking on My Heros Journey

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Giving Back

The problem that exists today is that money makes the world go round and world class researchers, historians and scholars, aka wizards, are usually in one (1) of two (2) camps.

1. In some cases wizards are employed in high levels of academia; schools, universities and collages, they enjoy the status of maybe a PhD and they are generally paid to tow the “party line”. Maybe they’re nescient, as their education hasn’t expose them to anything other than the standardized program of thought. What happens when they cross the line?

Transitions happen between camps, when these wizards look outside their box and wake-up, maybe it’s about the legacy they want to leave or it’s just that there is a better idea, whose time has come, either way, who can blame them for listening to their call to adventure and taking action.
They’ll generally try to alter the course of the educational journey they’re providing within the existing framework, only to feel their old world crumbling around them especially when their income and livelihoods are threatened or removed. It’s on that note, where a solution presents itself in my hero’s journey.


Content Contributors

2. It’s with this realization that we’ve decided that your Content Contributors must be free & independent, with the ability to think critically, feel and act in the nature that wizards like to, in service of their art, in service of their society.

They ask the tough questions and find a way through the minefield of mental viruses. They are the whistle blowers, authors, historians, not afraid to speak the truth, and they’re the one’s who sift and sort through the hay stack to serve you the needle on a cheese platter, ready for the self immunization of intellectual self-defense. Are you Ready?

When you put your hand Up for a shot at intellectual self-defense, 33% of your membership-tuition fee will be distributed directly to your content contributors. So that they are rewarded and may continue to provide the timeless gift of wisdom that is the result of them following their bliss; so you can follow yours.

Content Contributors will each be assigned a share of the CC Pool, appropriate to their level of contribution. The CC pool is set to 33% of the recurring revenue generated through the monthly membership-tuition fee.

*Think you got what it takes to become a content contributor? Submit your request here.


The Affiliates

We’re going to pay you for going on your hero’s journey, because we know how valuable the journey of the hero is. By being the change you want to see in the world, you actually change the world.

That’s why we’re paying you a recurring 33% commission of the membership-tuition fee, for every hero that journey’s with us through your unique link. Note you must be a paying member to join the affiliate platform, we think that’s only fair.

Part of the reason we’re doing this is because we want to be the first to hear your story behind your journey into the unknown. Secretly, it’s our mission to help you, Be The Hero that you can be.


The Founders

The remaining 33% of membership-tuition fee will be paid to The Founders for the continual creation, upgrades, maintenance and member support of the MyHerosJourney.me members only community.

Principal Founder Tino Beth, found the call to adventure during a near death/out of body experience in 2003 when he intentionally reset himself on the right path by asking the questions: “What are the fundamental building blocks within the highest forms of wisdom?” And, “why wasn’t I taught this at school?” That sent him on a 10year hero’s journey to discover more than just the lost tools of learning, but also the dark secrets of society and the light of truth behind them.

*Think you got what it takes to join The Founders list? See Current Positions Available.


The 1%

In the spirit of openness and transparency, if you’ve done your math right, you maybe asking, “what about the final remaining 1%…?”

The remaining 1% of the membership-tuition fee is destined to go towards building a tiny research and education center on the remote island of New Zealand. For the purpose of, giving back to the sacred innocents in all life, that divine immortal spirit animating existence.