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The Journey of Heroes

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Greetings, and Welcome to My Heros Journey dot Me!
The Rise of the Fall of the Hero

“The Time has Come, for The Rise of the Fallen Hero’s

G’day, my name is Tino Beth and to keep it simple here is a summary of why this site exists.

We exist, and as human beings, we depend on reason and adventure to survive and thrive in life; We honor our culture and the individual heroes that have paved the way before us, that is until we build a better model that replaces a broken one. Therefore, its with this premise that the dynamic pool of content contained in the Seven Arts and Sciences of The Hero, provide the necessary exposure for surviving the information age.

Should you want the SuperHero abilities of an x-ray like vision, to see through the lies and deception that is prevalent in the world. Then it all starts by developing an x-ray/laser like focus of reason and rational, then equipping ourselves with a full belt of gadgetry available to the human mind. To see through the matrix, read the code and (still in present to today) eat real natural nutritious food, but only once we have eliminated the contradictions in our mental and physical diets.

My Heros Journey aim to do all that and more, we present 33 powerful comprehensive e-learning modules, defining The Seven Arts and Sciences of the Hero.

Seven Arts and Sciences of the Hero

“The Seven Arts and Sciences of The Hero

These 7 arts and sciences are the core competencies of the Order of The Hero, a system for equipping modern man with the right tools to not only thrive in life, but also to facilitate the bringing up into the fullness of maturity our capacity to become the Hero’s and light bearers of definitive truth in our life time.

That’s a bold statement, I know. Because it has been a bold undertaking for the last 11 years, to unlearn a 12 year Rudolf Steiner Education, aggregate and weave together the threads of truth available to the fresh, persistent and inquiring mind, to produce this tapestry of what it takes to create the most impactful archetypal modern day heroes that are truly informed and able to wisely wield that cutting edge of truth purposefully to Save Society from itself.

Order of The Hero

The Order of the Hero is a revolutionary approach to addressing the knowledge and resources gap between the have’s and have-nots. The Order of The Hero is here to inspire the up rising of consciousness to new holistic levels unseen in popular culture.

The global community has reached a plateau, with many out there seeking to limit your peak potential. The Peak Potential of Your Birth-Right. The Seven Arts and Sciences of the Hero has been carefully designed to set you free, to discover your limitless potential, no more being surrounded by a box, no more artificial limitations on your capacity. It’s time to hand over the torch of wisdom to the new generation, so that you can build the world in the image of your dreams and desires.

We find that now the majority are finally ready to step up to the plate and join in on the rise of the hero movement.

My Heros Journey is here to facilitate the transformation between

  • those that know and those that want to know, between
  • those that have taken the time to understand and those who have become lost in the wastelands of society,
  • To provide all those who seek access to the highest forms of wisdom here and now, with the meaning and quality that comes from living the highest meaning in ones life.

Our members only area provides access to a comprehensive series of monthly modules for adults; “The Seven Arts and Sciences of The Hero”.

We are reintroducing a pathway to participate in the kinds of acts of chivalry that Knights of Nobility were decorated under. But unlike the olden ways, we require you to self-style the path to your individual tastes and desires. The My Heros Journey presents the road signs along the way to help you steer and to find your own path on the road of the hero.

Through the My Heros Journey and the Seven Arts and Sciences of The Hero, we have created the first systematized defining framework that captures the meaning and intent behind what constitutes a Self-styled Order of chivalry.

Here in we have taken the Self-Styled Hero approach and discovered the fundamental order and prerequisite base knowledge that facilitates the natural development function of what it takes to be a do gooder aka to ‘be a Hero’ to friends, family, the community, the society and the natural earth as a whole living organism.

To become the Hero you want to see in the world, or to progress to the SuperHero Level, you must have under gone an effective Heros Journey, where you must attain the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of a conscious coherent perspective of the highest magnitude.

If you compare it to the height of the compartmentalized perspective of the Ph.D. level, not only do we take it 2 or 3 levels beyond, bold statement, but by integrating the inner self with the known living world of the micro we also gain the wisdom as it applies to the macro, cosmological level and the fundamental tenant “as above, so below, as within so without”, will deliver the interconnection with life on all levels, previously unavailable.

We believe that the limitations on knowledge are self imposed, and that all things can become known, when one is willing to take the necessary steps towards raising ones awareness in the pursuit of increased knowledge. and that the only limitations of our knowledge and understanding are based on the education that predisposed us to the said limitation.

If only there was a cheer squad to recognize our achievements and cheer us on every time we approached the finish line and to encourage us to get up to reach new levels of plateau, constantly widening the self imposed limitations of our awareness and knowledge. This is also the function of the My Heros Journey framework, to provide a fear-free zone of mutual respect for the love of the journey ahead and to show the continued omnidirectional support in our pursuit of excellence.  Then we can get back to the real spiritual work of magnifying our inner sight with x-ray precision for the increased understanding of the natural ratios in life and our position, perspective and influence over it.

Once there, you are then finally able to recognize in yourself the divine right to rule and to take the seat of your thrown in the maturity of knowing the physical world and the proper execution and administration of all that falls under your estate. Through the Order of the Hero all this and more will be possible, you only have to have the courage to take the first step for yourself, to help us help you in self-stylizing the order of the hero that is to be within the body that you occupy in this life.

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