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A Renaissance Is Coming

Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences of The Hero

The First Elementary Three Sciences of The Order of The Hero
These are known as the Trivium method: (It pertains to mind and word symbols)
The Trivium is described as General Grammar, Aristotelian Logic, and Classical Rhetoric. It can also be compared to the way a computer functions: Input, Processing and Output. They comprise the first three rules-based subjects of the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences of The Hero. As these disciplines are learned and practiced together, they form the overarching, symbiotic system for establishing clarity and consistency of personal thought called the Way of the Hero.



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The Four Classical Arts of the Hero
The Quadrivium
arises out of the most revered of all subjects available to the human mind Number.
The first of these disciplines we call Arithmetic, the second is Geometry or the order of space Number in Space, the third is Harmony which for Plato meant Number in Time, and the fourth is Astronomy, or Number in Space and Time.

A complete study of the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences of The Hero offer’s a safe and reliable ladder to reach the status of the Order of The Self Styled Hero and discover Truth, Freedom and Goodness in a World Wide Renaissance.
“To inspire and light the way-out of the wastelands of mono-culture, and to promote the individual to the knowledge of self and the modern environment with the determination to live the way of the hero.”





Before you can begin your journey, you must first put together the puzzle of the lost tools of learning and explore several fundamental tools that will aid in discovering the holly grail and saving the world.


  • You’ll discover the 3 step method to learn anything, easily and effortlessly?
  • You’re provided with an integrative method that when applied connects all things as one.
  • You’ll get the lost looking glass, to see through the 42 common fallacious signs designed to lead you off the heroes path.
  • You’ll get the Thinking Cap’s, that even children learn to master the six critical perspectives in life.

How to identify the words that bind you in bondage, that stop you from understanding and increasing the wave of magnificent numbers flowing through your life?

Lets Get Prepared,

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

It was known that literacy was a form of slavery until a systematic form of critical thinking is practiced by the reader.

Don’t be alarmed… If you don’t currently have a systematic form of critical thinking? As you’ll be provided with your own lock-picking set in the form of the lost tools of learning, and from there, you can unlock your own potential, at your own pace using the force of the hero.

To free your mind on the hero’s journey… first we must come to understand the process by which words were originally used to program and control your mind; thereby you will have the ability to re-write the programming in your own image.

Here’s where all of this first lesson pays off:
We are standing on top of the single most powerful learning methodology, which produces progress with ever-increasing degrees of certainty and accuracy, but first, there’s one word to learn: Trivium, Latin for where 3 roads meet.

What 3 roads? The input, processing, and output, which when used in a systematic ordered repetition, produces satisfaction. At this point, I’m going to have you elevate your own sense of perspective, thereby transmuting your natural implicit ability to learn into an explicit form of intellectual self-defense.

The Input: How to observe

This is simply defined knowledge, resulting from answering: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN. This input, or knowledge, is referred to as the general grammar of a concept or idea. General Grammar is the connecting of human word concepts to objective reality.



step2The true call to adventure arrives in a flash of lightning and you won’t want to miss it!, cause once you’ve connected the dots of the known world, you’ll be stepping out of the Darkages and into a new Renaissance.


The Journey of The Order of The Hero is More than just a Peace Revolution for fitness of your mind, body and soul, It’s the Next Generation of Freedom Based Personal Development.

Renaissance Level Personal Development.

Why is it important to know about,… why thing’s are the way they are?
Take the Order of The Hero for example, Why does it exist?

Because of the realization from 10years of study, that the only way people can better themselves and the world is by becoming the archetypal Hero in and for their own lives. To do that we need an accurate and up to date road map. So we don’t get lost in the Darkages thinking of the flooded information age.

Isn’t It Time To Get It Together…?

This is simply the understanding which results from answering: WHY?

It is the art of thinking without contradiction, or non-contradictory identification. This processing, or thinking, is referred to as logic.

The Processing: The Thinking: The Understanding: Always Happens Before Taking Action.

This provides a systematic understanding, by Developing the faculty of reason in establishing valid [i.e., non-contradictory] relationships among facts.




step3Beyond the walls of the past, their exists a true and noble path for you to discover; with the map, tools, guides and mentors to illuminate the way. The journey to a Renaissance has never been as simple as 1, 2, 3.



Applying knowledge and understanding expressively comprises wisdom or in other words, it is systematically useable knowledge and understanding.

Let’s Get Going!

Critical thinking cannot be effectively taught in a curriculum, as it is a skill which results from the process of thinking, and learning, and is driven by the grammar, logic, and rhetoric cycle of observation, thought, and action.

The purpose of grammar is to bring initial and consistent order to a body of knowledge. The purpose of logic is to extract understanding from the body of knowledge. Rhetoric is the cogent explanation of that body of knowledge. If done effectively, this is known as teaching.

The Output: How to Communicate Effectively

This is simply the communication of knowledge and understanding, or wisdom, which precipitates from answering the question: How? It is in taking the grammar and applying logic, which creates what is referred to as rhetoric, or the expression of wisdom.

However, if a Hero lacks intellectual self- defense, and does not question the rhetoric they consume, they can soon be misled; this is why it is imperative that we, become skilled in the art of using this three step process, known as the Trivium method of critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Whether referred to as Input, Processing and Output, or How to Observe, How to Think, How to Communicate, or Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom, or Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric; it’s all referring to the identical implicit and natural process we all have as human beings.

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As we recognize the adventure of the self-styled hero is within, we also recognize the material and moral equality present in all beings and forms. For we are all bound to the laws of nature equally; ‘Number’ is the language that the cosmos speaks.

Number is how we distinguish the one from the many, or, for that matter the two from the three and the three from the many.

Crows Count Numbers Too…

A crow, disturbed by four men with guns, going to hind under it’s tree, will fly away and carefully count them home again from a distance, one by one, tired and hungry, before returning safely to it’s nest. But five men? Crows have difficulty with. Crows lose count at five.

We all know certain things about numbers and arithmetic or the dreaded mathematics. But if you add a zero to your bank account, that’s a good day! Take one zero away and we spiral into depression. Undoubtedly, numbers are powerful figures that shape our reality.

Four is the basis of the three-dimensional space, the realm in which we exist, on the manifested level.

We all have an equal capacity to creatively influence the four material modes of manifestation; Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Over the course of four season’s in life’s great journey;  Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The Journey Ahead Mimics Life For The Coming Renaissance,
In A Four Part Equilateral win-Win-Win-WIN Relationship.

10% – Tithe of Your Income. Begin the journey with Honesty & Integrity. As the future Hero you win by getting an as equal educational opportunity as Leonardo Da Vinci, If not greater.

30% – The Content Contributors, win by being rewarded repeatedly for their tireless research and production of media.

30% – The Founders, win by securing their legacy, completing their journey and bringing their gifts into the world.

3o%  –  The Future Hero’s, Content Contributor’s and Founder’s all win by participating in the equilateral Affiliate opportunity.

As we stand on the shoulders of giants, find out how we Give Back to those that help make it all happen.





We live within the ‘Circle of Life’ where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Beginning, Middle and End. Having set a solid foundation. We find the conditions are ripe for a healthy balanced circle to develop in our lives; growth, flowering, ripening and returning the seeds of wisdom to the next generation. Legacy.


The mere fact that the human form is in perfect alinement with the principals of sacred geometry, suggests that the human image is a godly, heroic image. Carved out of star dust and formed into conscious thinking, feeling and doing; points to a living alinement with sacred geometry.

But why is everyday life seemingly such a struggle?
Where did we lose our way somewhere?
Why is it so difficult to draw out the heroic essence from within?
Is it possible to recondition our lives into the perfect circle?

These are the great road of trials, that come with any great perilous journey through life. To have the resourcefulness and the road map to course correct as we self style our way through life.

To flow and grow in the circle of life, that’s the journey of the hero. To utilize the most basic geometry ‘circle’, to grow a rich intimate communion with the holofractographic nature of reality.

“Let none ignorant of geometry enter here.”

Was written at the great entrance to Plato’s Academy.

We are at the mid point in the scale of all things, between universals and specifics, between the super galactic and the nano, what’s the role of an aware consciousness central in all creation?

We are the bridge between the manifest and un-manifest, between the light and dark, and when we understand how to work with the numbers of space, we’ll hold the keys to the manifested world.

Sacred Geometry charts the folding and unfolding of number in space.

It differs from mundane geometry purely in the sense that its move, concepts and products are regarded as having symbolic value and meaning. Thus Like good music, the study and practice of geometry can facilitate the evolution of the soul.
As we shall see, the basic journey is from the single point, into the line, out to the plane, through to the third dimension and beyond, eventually returning to the point again, watching what happens along the way of the hero.

This indispensable introduction to metaphysics, has been lost for a very long time. And like music and harmonics this is a bright indisputable shadow of reality and a creation myth in itself.

Number, Music, Geometry, and the study of patterns in the heavens are the four great Liberal Arts of the ancient world dealing with quanta, or whole numbers. These simple universal languages are as relevant today as they have always been, and are the hidden but maybe found in all know sciences and cultures without disagreement.




Listening to the music of your life calling is known as being in a State of Flow. It’s the purposeful, self directed, still state of harmony between the thoughts, feelings and actions; between day to day life and the whole life cycle that provides one with life’s greatest rewards, harmony with the relationship of being in time.

The symphony between our Thoughts, Feelings and Actions is the metaphysical representations that forms the basis of the melody in our lives and forms one of the fruits in the human soul, Music.

Music is what’s happening on this stage of our journey and these are beginnings of the sweetest fruits the human experience has to offer.

Pythagoras, some 2,500 years ago is credited with discovering that the pleasing experience of musical harmony comes when the ratios of the frequencies consists of simple numbers. In a famous story Pythagoras walked by a blacksmith shop and investigated the ringing tones of the iron hammer hitting the anvil. And discovered the weight of the hammer was responsible for the tone it created. A hammer weighing half as much as another sounded a note twice as high, an octave (2:1). A pair weighing 3:2 sounded beautiful, a fifth apart.

Simple ratios make appealing sounds.

Deeply impressed by this link between music and number, Pythagoras drew the metaphysical conclusion that all nature consists of harmony arising from number, precursor to the modern physicist’s assumption that nature conforms to the laws expressed in mathematical form.

Today, to move out of the Dark Ages we must observe, identify and develop harmonious relationships in all areas of life. By bringing the opposite hemisphere’s of the brain together we create the bio-dynamic, balanced brain of the optimal self-styled hero operating system.

Known as the Order of the Hero.

The Music of life is only felt when actively participating in the creation process of our own destiny.





Through these 7 sacred orders of the hero, it is our destiny to work knowingly with the cosmic and universal laws. To elevate the standard for all life on earth, through properly coming to know ourselves and our cosmological place in the universe.

What if all that we cherish and hold dear, rests in our hands?

We are the part of nature. And now the time has come, to progress the arts and sciences to all new levels. To complete the journey of re-discovery, in and of ourselves on this living sphere called earth. All while we are hurtling through space, on a course only we can decide.

It’s known as, the great adventure through the inter-connectivity web and story we call LIFE.

What is your part in the cosmological nature of reality?

What is the true human potential?

What is the right order to build a solid foundation?

“I’ve concluded that genius is as common as dirt. We suppress our genius only because we haven’t yet figured out how to manage a population of educated men and women. The solution, I think, is simple and glorious. Let them manage themselves.”
That’s what New York School Teacher John Taylor Gatto said.

Inside of you is the genius to discover the spiritual cause of all effect.

These are the hidden secrets of the universe since the beginning of time, and the new renaissance has begun.

Welcome to the journey of the self styled hero, for you have already begun. You are already on your quest, whether you know it or not.

As we stand on the shoulders of giants we have an important choice to make. That will effect the nature of our lives and will impact the fabric of how we connect with our whole universe, from the micro to the macro.

It’s the timeless struggle of lighting the darkness, the struggle of openness and transparency over closed systems and hidden powers.

This is the archetypal struggle that we must all face individually, between the demons of our past and the angels of the future.

Right now do you feel there is a window of opportunity to grow leaps and bounds in the light direction?

We individually and collectively are the Alpha and the Omega. We are the prime example of number in space. For we can look out and see the cosmos is made of galaxies and super clusters of galaxies and we can look within to see the atom of the soul, the ego.

We are at the middle of the spectrum, to recognize the central role we play in all of creation and existence.

Does it speak to the nature of soul?, does it speak to the soul of nature?
Our future way of life will need to embrace these axioms of perfected harmony, just as nature does so effortlessly. Doing so is the only true solution to our dangerous and destructive inefficiencies that plague and harm ourselves and our planet. Few truly recognize the symbiotic harmony in all things and of all things.

These are the keys to empower you with superhero abilities. To engineer the life you want and the coming renaissance into the next era of enlightenment.


8. MyHerosJourney To The RENAISSANCE:


Know Thyself in the True Age of Enlightenment

With Great Power, Comes, Great Responsibility.
With Great Technology, Comes Great Culpability.

The Rise of the Machine means, We have to Rise Equally High in our ability to cognitively Think, Feel and Act.

Artificial Intelligence is knocking on our door, it’s poised to be the most devastating invention in all human history. Learning is the answer, Whats the Question.

Therefore the time is now ripe to return the Liberating Arts of the Hero into the global education, and in doing so return the Greatest Hero to the World, The Individual.

For those who are knowledgeable enough to say “NO” and/or “I Know”,
For those whom are understanding enough to “Care” for what is right, true and just,
For those who are wise enough to “Act” on the inner calling of what needs to be done,
Only then, will you truly begin your journey through life, as a whole human being and doing good in the world for the sake of self-righteousness.

This journey has been inspired by a solution orientated approach to the myriad of challenges we all face. Long ago I stumbled upon the distinction that we are either, the saviors or servants of our own destiny. And a Hero’s Journey is always the adventure we must take individually to develop our lives and grow in the light direction.

Life Is Either An Incredible Adventure Or It’s Nothing At All.
It’s Your Life, Be A Self-Styled HERO Today.

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